Mind Space – British Columbia

Skills for Wellbeing

We are very excited to begin 2024 with a fresh perspective and new organization name!

Mind Space Skills for Wellbeing -formally CBT Skills Groups Society- reflects our broad vision and inclusive approach to mental health by emphasizing the importance of creating a safe mental health ‘space’ for growth, reflection, and supportive care. The encompassing rainbow circle for our logo embodies connection, inclusivity, and diversity.
We will continue to offer MSP-funded educational groups led by physician facilitators that you have enjoyed and relied on the CBT Skills Groups Society for to support your mental health and wellbeing.

We are here to support your learning.

Are you dealing with a mental health condition, such as depression, anxiety or ADHD and wish you knew ways to better support yourself? Do you want to develop tools to help you cope better with your feelings, and live life more intentionally? Or are you a parent who wants to discover ways to better support your young child’s emotional growth?

Who We Are

We are a group of doctors who offer a series of psychoeducational and skills-training groups suitable for people with mild-to-moderate anxiety or depression, ADHD and for parents of children age 0-6.

Our programs are informative, empowering, and practical. You will develop awareness of your patterns of feeling, thinking and behaving, and be supported to make more intentional choices and build habits to improve your mental health.

Who We Serve

Open to all BC residents with a valid Canadian health card number, our Mind Space programs are designed for adult patients (17.5 years and up) who want to learn practical tools to improve their mental health.

Participants choose which groups are right for them. Everyone is on their own learning journey and will become comfortable with the course content at their own pace.  We encourage participants to repeat the CBT Skills Foundations group until they are familiar with most of the concepts and skills.

What We Offer

CBT Skills Foundations

Our original grassroots program!

These groups introduce the foundational concepts of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), weaving in aspects of mindfulness, emotion regulation and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy over an 8-week series. You will learn these concepts and apply practical skills in your daily life, with the aim of identifying which ones are most helpful to manage your stress and symptoms.

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Raising Resilient Kids

Raising Resilient Kids parenting groups are for parents with kids 0-6 years old. In this group, we teach skills to prepare and support you in raising a secure, resilient child based on the best evidence from child development, mindfulness, attachment, and reflective parenting. 


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Skills for Success: ADHD Strategies for Adults

Skills for Success: ADHD Strategies for Adults group is for adults (19-70 years old) with a past or current diagnosis of ADHD (or if you or your health care professional suspect you have ADHD). In this group we use evidence-based strategies to help you set realistic goals, prioritize, manage time, and reduce distractions.

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"This course has been invaluable. I wish I could have learned these things earlier in life."


"It brought sunshine to the darkness. An oasis of companionship and sharing. Awakening and aha moments of triggers."


"I feel empowered that I direct my life, I have the power to control and change my thoughts, behaviours, and feelings, and I'm worth it to do so."


"Realization that I am not alone - everyone is going through something."


"Through the CBT Skills program I have learned simple approaches I can use to maintain more objectivity in situations where I could become anxious or overly emotional. I have more ways to remain calm and feel more in control over my moods/emotions."